Terms of Service

Current version as of October 9th 2023


- “Company” - The legal entity operating the Website
- “Website” - The digital portal accessible under the address socials.promo on which transactions under this agreement shall be conducted
- “Fees”/”Charges” - Refers to amounts paid to the Company by the User using a Payment Method in exchange for services. Fees are clearly stipulated at any point where offers are extended to the User, as well as on the
- “Summary” page before any Fee/Charge becomes applicable.
- “Payment Method” - Shall refer to a method of payment the User uses to pay for agreed upon Fees.
- “Login”/”Access” - Access credentials to access the Website provided by the Company to the User.
- “Bookmarking” - The storage of references to specific pages on the Website and their subsequent access without following the natural, preceding pages.
- “Chargeback” - The action of disputing a Charge by the User with their respective financial provider.

Agreement regulating the matter of usage of the Website between

CETHON INTERNATIONAL S.R.L (the “Company”) and you (the “User”, “You”/”Your”). You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before using the Website. When engaging with the offers and services on the Website, such as individual licenses or memberships, you explicitly agree are are legally bound by the terms outlined in this agreement.

1. Services
The Website allows registered influencers, who are independent parties and in no way affiliated or employed by the company, to sell promotional services on established social media websites.
Further registered advertisers are enabled to purchase such services from the influencers.
2. Orders
Advertisers can place orders for any service offered by an influencer as they wish. The order needs to be reviewed and accepted by the influencer before it is considered valid. The influencer is free to reject any order for any reason. The advertiser will be notified of the rejection and the order will be cancelled.
3. Payments
Payments will be collected for all ordered services and held in escrow until the order is accepted and finalized by the influencer. Once the order is completed the payment will be released to the influencer.
In the event of rejected order the payment will be refunded to the advertiser.
4. Disputes
In the event of a dispute over an order or rendered service on the Website the Company will act as an arbitrator and attempt to resolve the dispute. The Company will have the final say in any dispute and the parties agree to abide by the decision of the Company.
5. Territory
Access to the Website, including Membership and individual licenses, may only be for use within a limited territory, especially excluding jurisdictions where the content is illegal. In case you purchase or access the Website outside of the territory the Company may at its discretion disable your access credentials permanently or temporarily disable access to the Website to you. Any such case shall not be grounds for a refund.
6. Refunds
Any payments or fees are non-refundable once you have been provided with, or chosen, access details to the Website.. In the event of a refund being granted by the Company, such will be done to the original method of payment. No refund can be issued to a different payment method or in a form different from the original purchase. Refunds shall be issued no later than 30 days after such refund has been approved by the Company.
7. Payment Processors
Depending on your selected Payment Method your payment will be processed by the respective processor third-party elected by the Company.
8. Chargeback
Chargebacks will be investigated and extensive due diligence shall be conducted by the Company, which may result in prevention of future purchases by the User. A chargeback or undertakings by the User to unreasonably or unlawfully obtain access to the Content and Website constitute a breach of this agreement and the User shall be liable for any such action and their related consequences.
9. Bookmarking
In case you bookmark selected pages on the Website, thereby circumventing normally shown terms, warnings or consent request, such shall constitute implied acceptance of this Agreement and an explicit confirmation that you are of or over the age of majority in their jurisdiction and the Content is not illegal in the Territory.
10. Disclaimer
The Website and all Content is provided as is and without any implied or expressed warranty of any kind or fashion. The Company does not guarantee an uninterrupted or free of errors operation of the Website, nor the completeness or occurrence of any of the Content on the Website. Any Content on the Website may change at any time and without prior notice. The Company assumes no liability for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the Website and Content, even if the company has been notified or advised on such. However these terms do not limit the non-waivable warranties or consumer protection rights you may be entitled to under the laws of your country of residence. You are responsible to provide a suitable device to access the Website and its Content. Furthermore you are required to provide up-to-date contact details when making a purchase with the Company. You agree to not engage in advertising, offering, solicitation or any other commercial or non-commercial undertaking to other Users to buy, sell or make available any products, contents or services through the Website. You are liable and responsible for the information you send or display to and on the Website, not limited to the duration and current status of your membership at the time of a claim. All and any communication on the Website shall be deemed to be accessible by the general public and are not intended for private or confidential information. You are hereby notified that any and all messages or communication otherwise that you conduct through the Website may be subject to review and moderation by the Company. To be informed about your rights please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand what information is being gather and how it may be used by the Company. All data gathered may be moved or processed by a third-party that acquires some or all of the assets or shares of the Company.
11. Final Provisions
You shall hold harmless of-, and indemnify the Company from and against any and all claims that may arise from, or are related to, your use of the Website and a breach of this agreement by you. The Company shall not be, under any circumstances, liable for direct, consequential or punitive damages. The liability of the Company shall not exceed the amount of Fees actually received by you within the 30 days prior to the event giving rise to liability. In the case that any provision of this Agreement for any reason shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions shall remain in place and continue to be valid and enforceable. You shall not download or make copies of any and all Content on the Website. All Content accessible as part of individual licenses or memberships are for streaming/on-demand consumption on the Website only. Failure to comply with this may, upon discovery and at the companies discretion, result in revocation of your access credentials. Any notice by the Company to you shall be given via electronic messages or a broadcast on the Website. Communication by you shall be directed to the Companys support department. The Company may be reachable via email to support [at] socials.promo This agreement shall be government pursuant to the laws of Romania. Any and all disputes arising under this agreement shall be attempted to be resolved amicably by arbitration. In such an event where that fails it shall be resolved by the competent courts of the respective jurisdiction of Romania. The Company retains the right to assign any or all of its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to a third-party without prior notice or consent from the User. The Company can amend this Agreement through measure of posting an updated version to the Website. Such changes shall become effective to existing Users thirty days after publication and immediately for purchases made after the publication date. The following Sections hereof shall survive termination of this Agreement: Definitions, 1 Services, 3 Payments, 4 Disputes related to services, 10 Disclaimers and 11 Final Provisions.